By definition, woodcraftsnepal means craftsmanship on wood with traditional arts, crafts and spiritual décor inspired by our love of natural elements, colors and ancient philosophy. Basically, Wood Crafts Nepal is a family owned business from the old traditional city Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Nepalese artisans have a rich traditions in making beautiful wood carvings that are among the finest in the world. This is particularly true of unique carvings found throughout the city of Bhaktapur. Finely detailed windows, doorways and columns enhance many temples, shrines and houses. Using a wide variety of floral, geometric and figurative designs, their iconography is inspired from ancient mythic, religious beliefs and everyday fantasy.

Today however, only several old master artists have the knowledge and skills to carve and construct these work of art. Dissatisfied with the superficial and quickly produced carvings seen in all the crafts showroom and wood industries. We Bhaktapur wood carving masterpieces was formed in order to help , preserve and redefine the traditions.

Only the ancient techniques of inter locking joints and pages, as well as select seasoned wood, are used for each original carving. To create the ultimate and carved art work for the connoisseur is our foremost aesthetic concern.

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